I got this email today. For those of you familiar with Benchmark Books, you’ll find this to be great news and the new website looks great. In fact, has been a lot of moving and shaking among Salt Lake bookstores recently. Ken Sanders is also remodeling, Eborn is moving into Sam Wellers’ old location, and Wellers has moved. I’ve also heard that B&W is open again after the tragic murder of owner Sherry Black. I’ll bring more info as I can get it, but for now, here’s the Benchmark info: Continue Reading »


Donnie over at Confetti Antiques and Books in Spanish Fork, UT has released a short (3 sets) catalog. But what it perhaps lacks in size it makes up for in rarity. Very seldom does the opportunity arise to purchase a full set of the original Times and Seasons, Journal of Discourses, or Millennial Star (first 20 volumes).  The Times and Seasons set is particularly spectacular. But take your heart medication before seeing the prices 🙂

Times and Seasons

Journal of Discourses

Millennial Star

Luckily for the vast majority of us, the information in these important volumes is widely available, most notably as scans of originals at the BYU Library’s Digital Collections.

Published less than a year ago, the 5 volume Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, compiled-officially-by Richard S. Van Wagoner (the word on the street is that a relative of his did the bulk of the work and then balked at having their name associated with the project and asked RSVW to take it) is out of print. Priced at $500, this set has likely remained elusive to all but the most avid of collectors. Continue Reading »

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So, you’ve got a lot of books and it’s moving time. You’ve feared this day for at least the last six months. What types of boxes work best? Any tips for protecting them during the move? If you need to store your books for a while before you’ll get to set them all up again, what are some things to keep in mind to protect them?

What have been your experiences moving books? How many times have you had to move them? How many boxes have you used? Horror stories? Do tell!

Special thanks to Trevor Holyoak for the following summary of the conference.

The A. Dean Larsen annual Book Collecting Conference at the BYU Library was held March 18-19 this year. Once again, the cost was kept down to $35 due to an endowment from Jean M. Larsen, for which I am very grateful.
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From the “About” page:

“Browsing The Stacks” proposes to be a celebration of Mormon book collecting. For the title, I’m inspired by my fondness for browsing the stacks of the Mormon book section at the BYU library and coming across a great book I didn’t know about and would have never found had I not taken the time to browse. Continue Reading »